Downtown menus


Signature cocktails like the Très Laurel and Three Sisters pays tribute to the home of Magpie; formerly the historic mid-century Three Sisters department store nestled on the corner of Third and Laurel Street in the Commerce Building.  The breathtaking black-and-white geometric tile-work bar with black marble counter top is as luxurious as the craft beers and curated wines.  Come enjoy the Downtown vibe and watch the sun set over the river from Magpie's craft-coffee and cocktail bar.


If asked to describe Magpie's evening offerings, Eclectic would be right on point. Something for everyone and so different than most restaurants in Baton Rouge.   Many Vegan-Vegetarian options, as well.


Offered from 8am - 1pm on Saturdays. The "Magpie Latte" is probably the most Instagram-posted cup of coffee in Baton Rouge.  Pair our exceptional coffee with a signature breakfast board or cast iron vegetables.  Fresh food, fresh ideas, it's our Magpie Culture.  BTW, the fried chicken is Gluten Free.